Using it with Azure Table Storage.

Angular & Azure Table Storage Demo

Create an Azure Storage account

You will first need an Azure account. If you don't already have one, you could register for a free trial.

Configure your backend

Once you have your account, we will need to create a Storage within Azure. Go to the Azure backend, select storage tab, click on "new" button (located at the bottom)

Once the storage is created you have to get the primary access key.

Finally you have to enable cross origin request. This is not possible from the Azure backend, you have to use the sdk provided by Microsoft (node.js, Java, .Net) or use our console program

Let there be Rock !

You can now get the most out of CDC and add, edit, update and delete stuff to/from your Azure Table Storage.

//configure accountName, secretKey and the table name
CDCService.connect(function (results) {
    if (results === false) {
        throw "CDCService must first be successfully initialized";
    else {
        // We are good to go