Set up your backend

The First step is to deploy your website (a sample is provided in CloudDataConnector sources). With Azure Websites you can host 10 ASP.NET websites for free or use another cloud service.

From visual studio you have to right click on CDC REST Service, and click on publish

Sign in to your Azure account and click on the button new to create a new website

Choose a subdomain for you new website, select your database server, create and publish

You are ready to go !

Let there be Rock !

You can now get the most out of CDC and add, edit, update and delete stuff to/from your Restful API.
You only need the url of your service (

$scope.initialize = function () {
    //configure url and entity access path
    [{ objectName: 'people', keyProperyName: "Id" }]);

    CDCService.connect(function (results) {
        // We are good to go
    }, $scope, 3);