Set up CouchDB with Iris Couch

In this demo we use the Iris Couch service to provide a couchdb.
Angular & CouchDB demo

Create an Iris Couch account

You will first need register your subdomain for free.


You will receive a confirmation in your mailbox, then you have to go on your administration space: to create your database and configure your backend.

Choose a friendly name, we choose "people".

Go to

Set enable_cors option to true.

Add a new section (the "add new section" button is hidden by Feedback button) with this informations:
- Section: cors
- Option: origins
- Value:*

Get your appUrl and your appKey

To connect to your services, you will need a specific url and your db name.

Let there be Rock !

You can now get the most out of CDC and add, edit, update and delete stuff to/from your CouchDB.
You only need the url of your service ( and the database name (people)

$scope.initialize = function () {
    angularCDCCouchDB.initSource("", ['people']);
    CDCService.connect(function (results) {
        if (results === false) {
            throw "CDCService must first be successfully initialized";
        else {
            // We are good to go
    }, $scope, 3);