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Cloud Data Connector, or CDC is a library that allows you to work seamlessly with many data sources. CDC supports offline mode and can handle all CRUD operations for you.

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Data sources are provided by custom providers.

List of stable providers:
> Azure Mobile Services
> Amazon Web Services (DynamoDB)
> Azure Table Storage
> Azure Queue Storage
> CouchDB
> Restful

List of experimental providers:
> Facebook (read only)
> Twitter (read only)
> Ordrin (read only)
> Nitrogen (read only)

logo Cloud Data connector


Cloud Data Connector is a javascript library intended to ease the pain of working with services data sources. CDC is built with TypeScript, and provide TypeScript definition.

It supports offline mode and can handle all CRUD operations for you.

CDC is built with a provider system, so that you could plug your own services. For now, CDC has a provider for Azure Mobile Services, Amazon Web Services, Azure Table Storage, Azure Queue Storage, CouchDB, Restful and a few experimental providers on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Getting started


CDC works everywhere. We provide various samples which work with multiple frameworks like AngularJS, WinJS, React, Polymer and Express on Node.js

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You can reference all files from our CDN


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Please report any issues or feature requests on github


You're encouraged to ask any questions you might have regarding the usage of CDC or its API on the Mailing List or on Twitter.


Any contribution would be most welcome, so feel free to fork and send us your pull requests.